Established in 2005, B&H's owners sought to create a company to specifiically address the shortage of minority owned firms providing exceptional engineering services in the Dallas/Ft. Worth areas. Since then, B&H has flourished to become one of the top engineers at local and state levels, and continues to expand its operations at the federal level through its 8(a) certifiation.

Our Staff

With a staff of registered professional engineers and support personnel, B&H offers a broad range of services. Our staff has extensive experience in providing professional engineering consulting services for the study, design and development of central plant facilities, chilled water, steam distribution, geothermal systems and other related areas in both the public and private sectors. B&H engineers are LEED Accredited and are among the industry leaders in their ability to enhance air quality and implement "Green Building" design. With this experience on hand, B&H's staff offers a strong foundation for partnership assisting you in reaching your goals with the engineering evaluation and design of your facility.

B&H Engineers Core Values

B&H Engineer's core values reflect how we as an organization want our staff to operate, individually and collectively. Our core values are central to our culture and represent the style of operating we believe to be critical for moving us quickly and purposefully toward both organization and client objectives. Below are the core values that guide us on how we behave and make decisions on a daily basis.

  • Design Excellence - The deepest level of engineering design in achieving the client's mission
  • Innovation - Discovering new ways of creating value
  • Reliability - Whenever, wherever and whatever the customer requires
  • Sustainability - Providing the best for people and the environment now and in the future

Mr. Abernathy cofounded B&H Engineers, Inc. and has served as the President since the company's inception. Abernathy brings a great deal of business management and thought leadership to the organization. He is responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company.

Before assuming his leadership role at B&H Engineers, Abernathy worked in the deregulated energy business with companies TXU and FirstChoicePower.

Abernathy is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and holds a Bachelor of Business degree from the Price School of Business.

Mr. Brinkley is one of the founding members of B&H Engineers, Inc. Eric is responsible for developing the company's sales and marketing efforts and setting the overall direction of its core services and offerings.

Before founding B&H Engineers, Mr. Brinkley worked for Fortune 500 Company Jacobs Engineering (JE) where he served as Senior Project Manager in the Design Build Sector and worked on projects ranging from $12 million to $1.1 billion, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Brinkley is a graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma, having earned a Bachelor's of Science and Masters of Administrative Education.

Mr. Barron cofounded B&H Engineers and has served as Senior Vice President of Engineering since the company's inception overseeing engineering operations and quality control.

Barron has over eighteen years of experience across a broad spectrum of mechanical engineering practices, demonstrating innovative, energy-efficient design and project management for industrial, institutional and commercial mechanical systems.

Barron obtained both bachelor and master's degrees in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University and holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah.

Mr. Garrett currently serves as Vice President of Electrical Engineering and is responsible for designing and managing the construction of major commercial and industrial projects. Mr. Garrett's thirty plus years of experience are an invaluable asset to B&H. He brings considerable experience across a wide range of projects including large scale design build facilities, renovation and restoration and modernization services to the organization.

Larry Garrett graduated from the University of Texas at Austin receiving a bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering.

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