Raytheon AMI Clean Room Facility - Dallas, TX
Provided a Facilities Engineering Feasibility Study and design for enhancement of the current electrical system of the SC AMI Clean Room and associated labs

Raytheon Focal Plane Array (FPA) Facility - Dallas, TX
Designed 250,000 sq. ft. of laboratories and cleanrooms for FPA operations, including: Class 100 and Class 100,000 cleanrooms. Specific design including: HVAC, hoods and exhaust (acid, caustic and general exhaust) and gas detection, alarms and distribution (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, compressed air, carbon dioxide). Industrial drains, utility connections to laboratory equipment, including assembly and testing workstations, and life safety system, process cooling water and deionized water loops were also designed

Texas Instruments West Central Utility Plant Retrofit - Sherman, TX
Conducted analysis of major defense industry central utility plant. Activities included replacing chillers, chilled water and condenser water pumps, piping and controls thereby increasing the capacity and improving overall energy efficiency of the central utility plant

Texas Instruments Quartz Processing Laboratory - Dallas, TX
Relocation of quartz lathes and processing equipment to a new laboratory, including extensive modification of the building to facilitate the dynamic quartz operations. Activities included design of HVAC, acid exhaust, deionized water, industrial drains and wastewater pre-treatment, electrical distribution, process control and building control systems

Tri-Quint Reactor Relocation - Dallas, TX
Relocated two reactors to a new building laboratory. Distribution systems were designed for nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, silane, phosgene and deionized water. Acid and caustic exhaust systems with laboratory hoods were designed. Scram fans activated by leak detection systems with alarms were also incorporated

Mentor Cleanroom - Irving, TX
Design for a clean laboratory for the production of prosthetic devices. The project presented challenges due to stringent temperature and humidity requirements in a space with rapid variations in space heat and humidity loads. Design elements included HVAC systems, process gas and deionized water distribution and exhaust and make-up air systems

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