Our History

B&H Engineers was established in 2005 when founders, James Barron and Todd Abernathy, sought to create a company to specifically address the shortage of minority-owned firms that provide quality engineering services. They were devoted to use engineering as a way to shape the way we live and develop smarter solutions for our clients and most importantly, our environment.

B&H specializes in Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Technology services in a variety of market sectors throughout the nation. We are proud to develop trusting and long-term relationships with our partners and clients. This has allowed us to cultivate our experience within the engineering field and implement innovative design solutions to exceed our client’s expectations while delivering on-time, in-budget, and with the highest degree of quality. Most importantly, we seek to establish a clear understanding of the owner’s project requirements and expectations through our philosophy of Communication, Collaboration. and Coordination.

B&H has rapidly grown to become one of the top engineering firms in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area at local and state levels and continues to expand their operations at the federal level through our HUB, SBE and 8(a) certification.

B&H Engineers Core Values

B&H’s core values reflect how we, as an organization want our staff to operate individually and collectively. They are critical for meeting client objectives and guide us on how we make decisions on a daily basis.

  • Design Excellence – The deepest level of engineering design in achieving the client’s mission
  • Innovation – Discovering new ways of creating value
  • Reliability – Whenever, wherever and whatever the customer requires
  • Sustainability – Providing the best for people and the environment now and in the future

Executive Staff

Our Engineers

One size does not fit all

Each project is carefully examined by our seasoned engineers and designed with our client’s needs in mind.

Members of our firm work closely with clients, architects and contractors to ensure that the building exceeds our clients expectations. Our staff has extensive experience in providing quality engineering consulting services for the study, design and development of the following,

  • central plant facilities
  • chilled water
  • steam distribution
  • geothermal systems and more

B&H Engineers has built an impressive portfolio across various locations around Dallas/Ft. Worth and other states. Our LEED Accredited team are among the industry leaders in their ability to enhance air quality and implement a “Green Building” design. With this experience on hand, B&H’s staff offers a strong foundation for the best in engineering evaluation and design of your facility.

Our Registrations

B&H Engineers, Inc. is a Native American owned and operated full-service Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection professional consulting firm providing each Client with the highest quality professional service to ensure every project meets requirements as well as any local, state and national standards and regulations. We have a national presence and the ability to perform work in most states. B&H places great emphasis on our commitment to providing the very best engineering design, technical expertise, and service. Our MEP engineers are LEED Accredited and have extensive experience designing MEP systems for new construction and renovations, as well as renovating and upgrading MEP systems to your existing facility.