MEP Engineering Services

B&H is committed to providing our clients with the best and latest in MEP engineering services. Here is a listing of our current complement of MEP and commissioning services:

Mechanical Systems Engineering

Our mechanical systems engineering incorporates technical analysis of energy use considerations, available technologies, and environmental impact to deliver complete, well-defined highly functioning mechanical systems.

  • HVAC
  • Geothermal systems
  • Central utility plants
  • Chilled water systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Energy management and controls
  • Exhaust systems
  • Process piping systems
  • Energy analysis
  • Thermal storage systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Clean rooms
Electrical Systems Engineering

Our electrical systems engineering seeks sustainable solutions that are practical and economical for both the long and short term. We provide valuable input to our clients regarding the use of new lamp technologies, lighting control strategies, and energy efficient products that can be incorporated into the electrical design while keeping budget and maintainability in mind.

  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Emergency / standby systems
  • UPS systems
  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Lightning protection systems
  • Power factor studies
  • Security, alarm, life safety & emergency systems
  • System coordination studies
Piping/Plumbing Systems Engineering

Our plumbing systems engineering is based on thorough analysis, design expertise, construction oversight, and site planning. We incorporate innovative solutions to water use, re-use, and retention when possible, maintaining our commitment to sustainable designs.

  • Domestic water systems
  • Sanitary sewer systems
  • Storm sewer systems
  • Grease waste systems
  • Secondary containment
  • Process and fluid flow systems
  • Pumping systems
  • Fireprotection/Pumping systems
  • Pressure reducing systems

Specialized Capabilities

B&H is committed to high-performance sustainable design that exceeds the goals and objectives of clients. Our high-performance “green” designs maximize many objectives of:

  • Safety, comfort, and productivity of building occupants
  • Efficient use of energy, water, and effluent to minimize detrimental environmental impacts
  • Economic performance with low life cycle operation and maintenance cost

We draw upon our in-house sustainable design team comprised of USGBC LEED accredited professionals, experienced in specialized fields yielding the most value for long-term investments.


We offer full spectrum consulting, design, and project management to meet the integration of technology systems. Our team of seasoned engineering staff is proficient in,

  • Data/Telecom
  • Communication System Design
  • Low Voltage System Design
  • Lighting control systems (Interior/Exterior)
  • Energy Consulting
Fire Protection

Creative design requires creative fire protection.

B&H’s fire protection provides solutions through consulting, building inspection and system design. During this process, we develop solutions and make sure it is acceptable with code officials. Building inspection leads to development of effective fire protection master plans for renovations and expansions. Our performance-based designs for fire protection systems assure they meet the fire safety needs and objective of complex facilities.

BIM Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a 3D modeling software that enables us to construct a project virtually before we construct it in reality. This helps us design, detail, fabricate and install MEP (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing) systems more quickly and accurately resulting in no unforeseen collision between designs.

  • Improve design quality
  • More accurate and detailed models
  • Increased productivity and enhanced collaboration
  • Better estimates
Energy Modeling

Energy modeling is an important element in our design process.

In order to optimize a building’s design, we must conduct complex energy consumption estimations in order to achieve our energy efficiency goals. One of the factors in determining life cycle performance and sustainability of a building is the overall energy consumption. Doing so will optimize energy and lowers maintenance costs and gives you the highest value for the minimum cost.

Building Evaluations & Inspections Surveys

Building evaluations are done to determine conditions of existing structures. During this process, we work collaboratively with the owner to establish their needs, requirements, problem areas and goals for a given project. We then provide cost estimates as necessary.

LEED Consulting

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a rating system devised by the U.S. Green Building Council to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design.

Each of our engineers are trained to recognize opportunities for recommended Green Building Design whenever possible. We strive to exceed standards outlined by the US Green Building Council LEED on every project and succeed every time.

Our engineers routinely use green design principles with regard to site planning.

  • water efficiency
  • energy and atmosphere improvements
  • specifying environmentally friendly materials and resources
  • indoor air quality

Design Technologies

Autodesk REVIT/MEP Suite

B&H has chosen REVIT as our software for 3D modeling and system coordination. Utilizing this model provides the team with a greater understanding of the systems and components within the building. This data is used to evaluate system response for various equipment configurations, reduce unnecessary redundancies and monitor energy efficiency.

Lighting Modeling

To maximize our sustainable design, B&H uses various lighting visualization and calculation software based on the scope of the study required. The software we rely on for the most advanced simulations is AGi32.

If B&H can assist you with the latest in MEP engineering services, providing collaborative, sustainable solutions for your engineering project call us today at 214.496.1670 or e-mail us at